enroute management consulting (emc) is a leading provider of executive search and managerial recruiting services. the business of emc is assisting clients in building their human capital through a well defined recruitment process as a value-added partner. based on a client's objectives, the firm determines the profile of skills and background required for a position, and then, working discreetly and with the highest standards of integrity, identifies and evaluates the relevant competencies of candidates most appropriate for the role. we place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with our client and talents with highest collection of resumes.

we receive a lot of requests from corporate houses with specific requirements on position, education, experience, salary.
therefore, it is very important that you provide us all the right information - so that we can help you find the right job.

please submit your resume - we will take all the necessary information.

but to ensure that you are not missed when a query arrives, please complete the following information before you submit your resume.
this way - we can be sure that our resume will not be missed when the right opportunity knocks.

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